oezpa Team

Die BeraterInnen der oezpa sind u.a. aktiv als Dozenten an der Hochschule Fresenius, Köln, in den Studienlehrgängen „Wirtschaftspsychologie“ und „HR- Management“.


Ad Schalx


Ad Schalx ist oezpa-Associate und Senior Coach.

Ad is very interested in the relations between People, Processes & Data; which is the focus of our organisation UR-U.
1. People like to develop craftsmanship and professionality, over and over again. We help them to do so in:
• experiential trainings
• training programs
• conferences
2. Processes form the added value communication between people; professionals and their customers. Therefore we professionalise focussing on the processes at hand.
3. Data is a representative of the craftsmanship of the professional. He needs is to control, improve, assess and show how well his craftsmanship fits customers specification and desires. Data is food for thought (feedback and reflection) en therefore for the development of professionalism.

UR-U professionalises with data.

UR-U professionalises by
• Training of professionals
• Executing projects so we can transfer knowledge and keep developing our own practical professionalism in the field.
• Helping customers in the development of their data structures and monitoring systems.