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Die BeraterInnen der oezpa sind u.a. aktiv als Dozenten an der Hochschule Fresenius, Köln, in den Studienlehrgängen „Wirtschaftspsychologie“ und „HR- Management“.


Dr. Leslie Brisett


Dr. Leslie B. Brissett ist Senior Coach und oezpa Associate. Lesen Sie sein internationales Profil hier:

Director of the Group Relations Programme,
Company Secretary & Principal Researcher/Consultant

Organisational life is messy and complicated by the fact that human beings are full of emotions.

Most energy is spent trying to avoid, deny or hide the complex web of emotions from our daily lives, especially in the world of work, in corporate settings and boardrooms, in particular, the dominance of the goal of the “rational man” prevails. What is left in the wake of our attempt to be that “rational man” is a river anger, guilt, fear and shame (more emotions to be avoided!). This is only one part of what we call working with dynamics!

The Tavistock Institute has a 70-year track record of studying systemic dynamics and helping leaders and followers to work better in the face of the emotional undercurrents that threaten to derail our working life.

My practice is rooted in working with the most senior corporate executives and their teams. Demystification of behaviour in Boardrooms and helping to identify meaningful ways to dream and embody role-centred straight-talking in the workplace is one facet of the work.

I believe that application of the theories and practices developed at the Tavistock Institute including the later innovations by those who have adopted them can make the world (community, family, work) sane and healthy places for us all. Einstein said that a problem cannot be solved at the same level that it was created. In our workplaces, we need to be able to work at deeper levels, conceptually, mentally and spiritually, to deal with the ravages of organisational and social reality. And on the other side, release our creativity and capacity for joy, regardless of the circumstances.


I am Co-Director of the Tavistock Institute’s Dynamics at Board Level programme with Dr Mannie Sher. We have created a space for senior leaders to come together and think more about the impact of the dynamics at work in the Board and how this affects the ‘bottom line’. I have held roles in the Boardroom as Non-Executive Director in public enterprises, government agencies and third sector organisations. I have advised and coached Private Sector leaders in the UK and abroad in deepening and strengthening the role of governance as a tool to manage an enterprise. This work is confidential, bound by a NDA, ensuring that clients can deal with the high-profile,media-sensitive issues in safety and security.

Group Relations

I directed the last 3 Leicester conferences: 70th Leicester Conference in 2016: The ART of ROLE: TAO of Tavistock, 71st Leicester Conference in 2017 Presence in Absence: In & Out @ Work, and the 72nd Leicester Conference in 2018 ART of Enlightened Followership.

Having completed many leadership development programmes, I believe that nothing unlocks human potential in quite the same way as a Group Relations-based learning by experience. I would be happy to spend all day, every day, consulting to groups and organisations as they attempt to unravel the impact of group dynamics on their capacity to stay in role and achieve their primary task. I have worked across Europe, Asia and America in various roles at diversely themed Group Relations conferences. Additionally, I have provided visiting faculty input to the Institute’s P3C and other University programmes on Group Relations and systems psychodynamic concepts and theory.